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The top diplomat was agreeing with the position of former Supreme Court justice Antonio Carpio, a long-time advocate of the country's sovereignty in the disputed waters. In , an International arbitration court ruled that China's sweeping claims over almost the entire South China Sea has no legal basis. Beijing is disregarding the landmark decision. At a House budget hearing on Monday, Locsin said there was no need to file diplomatic protests against other claimants in the South China Sea that have no active conflict with the Philippines. Manila has filed several diplomatic protests against Beijing this year for declaring portions of Philippine territory as part of a Chinese province and the naming of some features in the Kalayaan Island Group.

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The disputes involve the islands, reefs, banks, and other features of the South China Sea, including the Spratly Islands , Paracel Islands , Scarborough Shoal , and various boundaries in the Gulf of Tonkin. There are further disputes, such as the waters near the Indonesian Natuna Islands , which many do not regard as part of the South China Sea. China's actions in the South China Sea have been described as part of its " salami slicing " strategy, [7] and since the United States and other states such as France and the United Kingdom have conducted freedom of navigation operations FONOP in the region. The disputes involve both maritime boundaries and islands. Chinese claims in the South China sea are delineated in part by the nine-dash line. This was originally an "eleven-dashed-line," first indicated by the Kuomintang government of the Republic of China in , for its claims to the South China Sea. The Geneva Accords of , [25] which ended the First Indochina War , gave South Vietnam control of the Vietnamese territories south of the 17th Parallel, which included the islands in the Paracels and Spratlys.

Philippines and the Spratly Islands

MNLF sought to establish an autonomous Muslim region within the country. Fowler, MNLF used guerilla style tactics against the country for several years before agreeing to a ceasefire with the Philippine government in Fowler, As with many ceasefire agreements not everyone within the group was in favor of the deal therefore resulting in. The dispute over the South China Sea denotes the process of power rebalancing while China rising as a hegemony in East Asia. China craves for more resources and power and decides to effectuate that by controlling more maritime territory.
An international tribunal in The Hague released a landmark decision on Tuesday in a dispute between China and the Philippines over the South China Sea. Here are answers to six questions about the case. What is this case about?

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