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Over the last half decade, the tools available to web developers have grown by leaps and bounds. We would like to be able to use new toolkits that make it easier for us to write clean and maintainable code that scales efficiently when deployed to users all across the globe. This brings us to talking about Tornado, a fantastic choice for writing powerful web applications that are simple to create, extend, and deploy. This book is meant to be an overview of the Tornado web server, and will walk readers through the basics of the framework, some sample applications, and best practices for use in the real world.

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A 5-Minute Introduction to Tornadoes

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Hurricanes and tornadoes are some of the most violent natural occurring disasters known to mankind. While there are many differences between the two, the stark similarities are as dramatic. Both are centered on gusting wind swirling around a center; however the diameters of the storms are quite different. While hurricanes can range from to miles wide, tornadoes usually have only a length of less than two miles. However, a tornado makes up for its small size with extremely high wind speeds, in excess of over miles per hour.

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Tornadoes can cause a lot of damage and even deaths. The damage from a tornado is a result of the high wind velocity and wind-blown debris. Tornado season is generally March through August, although tornadoes can occur at any time of year. They tend to occur in the afternoons and evenings: over 80 percent of all tornadoes strike between noon and midnight. From the total number of tornadoes in Michigan was , with an average of 5 deaths.
Roughly 1, tornadoes occur across the United States every year. Explore the basics of tornadoes, one of nature's most unpredictable storms. Warm, moist air clashing with the cool, dry air creates the instability and lift needed to trigger thunderstorm development.

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