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In: Novels. Lord of the Flies Full book report 1. The phase already begins when we are born. Later on our teachers and surroundings influence our behaviour towards a more and more civilized one. If we as human beings are placed away from a society, will we be able to maintain our civilized characters, or will we become savaged barbarians? Golding takes his readers on a journey, where he shows what mankind is capable of doing through youngsters.

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Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Zeppieri 1 Matthew Zeppieri Mrs. William Golding uses these three elements to coexist with his characters in the novel Lord of the Flies. Landing on a tropical island during World War II, the novel begins with Ralph and Piggy stating themselves as the adult-like characters. Golding uses allegory to illustrate the delicate balance of the human psyche. Gabrielle Sorgnit Mrs. Jack must keep up appearances with his band of choir boys turned hunters and he needs to prove he is a leader worth leading.

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Simon also learns that the beast of evilness was in the boys all along. The theme Inherent Evil of Man is displayed through Simon learning that evil is within the boys and that this was the beast. This shows how the evil action appears as a beast and the understanding of evilness by.
Ralph asks Jack and the choir boys to join the meeting because he wants all the boys to work together so they can be rescued as soon as possible. Other than his leadership and purposeful qualities, Ralph is also hard working. When tasks are given out to the boys, such as building shelters, hunting, gathering food, the hard work of most boys turns into play and exploration leaving Ralph to do most of the work by himself with little help from others. When the other boys gave up on their tasks Ralph continued working, this proves his hard work.

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