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An ecosystem is a living community consisting of the biotic component living things and abiotic components non-living things that interact with each other to sustain their environment. For scientists a healthy ecosystem refer to the one that is sustainable, meaning that organisms are able to live in balance and reproduce. However, various human activities disrupt the balance in the ecosystem hence threatening to destroy it. Consequently, if one part of the ecosystem is destroyed, it affects all other parts within it Rana, Because of the threat posed by human activities, the ecosystem needs to be protected.

Ecosystems at Risk

Ecosystem is a biological system which consists of the two main components: the live organisms and the environment where they live. There are complicated connections between these two components which enable the system exist as a single independent unity. Ecosystem is one of the core terms of ecology. The most evident example of the ecosystem is the pond, which contains water plants, microorganisms, reptiles, fish of different kinds and sizes which coexist together and support the life of the whole pond, which provides them with the specific type of fresh water, the required temperature and chemical composition of the water essential for the life of various organisms.
Men and women in Myanmar have, in principle, equal rights and women play a role in all spheres of society. However, gender discrimination is still widespread. Gender-based violence, mostly against women, is widespread, particularly in conflict areas. In the aftermath of cyclone Nargis, Oxfam set up a programme in Dedaye Township, which aimed to restore primary production and income levels, establish social safety nets, and promote alternative skills-based livelihoods options.

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