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In , the US replies but cutting off all diplomatic relations and installs a trade embargo on the Island. Cuba to protect itself from the powerful neighbor would then request help from the USSR and secretly receive thousands of USSR missiles, jets, boats and personnel. In , Fulgencio Batista came into power over Cuba for the second time. Politically and militarily supported by the United States, Batista became anti-communist and allowed American business to dominate the Cuban economy Wikipedia. Castro nationalized all American businesses in Cuba and developed very close ties with the Soviet Union.

The Cuban Missile Crisis

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This was true during the Cuban Missile Crisis. By the time Kennedy got the intelligence reports showing the reconnaissance photographs from the Soviet installations in Cuba, the President publically "proclaimed that any nuclear missile attack from Cuba would be regarded as an attack by the Soviet Union and would be responded to accordingly," "Revelations from the Russian Archives. The Cuban Missile Crisis in the prevention of a nuclear war. Whereas the Vietnam War ultimately curtailed the spread of communism. S was trying to prevent a nuclear war, and attempting to contain the hostility between the U.

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During his short term in office, he had to show much strength and leadership to the nation, to prove he could be a capable president. The dilemmas that President Kennedy faced during the Cuban Missile Crisis were to resolve a conflict without breaking into war and maintain peace with the Soviet Union. One of the first conflicts arose when Fidel Castro overthrew the dictator Fulgencio Batista on January 1, Castro was not a fan of the influence America had over Cuba and decided to ally himself with the Soviet Union. After this, Eisenhower had placed an embargo to forbid the importation of Cuban sugar.
This would help avert similar crisis in the future, such as an accidental nuclear outbreak caused by malfunctioning of electronic equipment. Why did the Soviets placed the missiles in Cuba in the first place. Was it to protect Cuba from the United States? Or was it to reduce the gap between the arms race and balance of power, Depending on the aim the Soviets had, which is not for certain as there are many views, including the clear contradiction of Khrushchev himself about the aims, then we can discover if the crisis had been a victory for the USA and a failure for the USSR. However, one thing is for certain, both nations and the whole world won, as nuclear war was prevented which would have been devastating.

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