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Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Global Perspectives Assessment Over the past two decades the criminal justice system in the United States has gained the extra pressure of policing not only their country but also assisting in criminal activity from globalization. It is difficult to police globalization as different countries and criminal justice systems maintain separate and distinct laws and regulations. These criminal justice systems include those of civil law, common law, Islamic Law, and Socialist Law traditions.

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Please join StudyMode to read the full document. The focus of the criminal justice system is to ensure justice for all, by punishing the accused and rehabilitate while providing for the innocent Garside, As the nation's social, economic and technology age experience some key modifications, abroad crimes are pushing different challenges for the criminal justice systems. The most significant change is the growth of international crimes. These changes are forcing the criminal justice system to adapt to the changes in the types of crimes being committed and a growing need to understand the significance of how these crimes threaten the American borders.

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Go to our other sites. Learners broaden their outlook through the critical analysis of — and reflection on — issues of global significance. They will develop unique, transferable skills including research, critical thinking and communication by following an approach to analysing and evaluating arguments and perspectives called the 'Critical Path'. Collaborative skills are enhanced through participation in a team project.
A perspective is a viewpoint on an issue. A personal perspective is the view that a person has on an issue. A national perspective is the view that a particular country or government has on an issue, which is usually inferred from their laws, policies, or speeches made by national politicians. A global perspective is a view on an issue that either has global influence or takes into account the nature of the issue globally.

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