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She also touches on how apprenticeships worked during this time period. There is also in depth descriptions of the mixing of paints and color application. Chevalier gives a realistic representation of what the process of art creation entails in the 17th century. The patron. In a way to deal with unfortunate events, Griet becomes a maid for the Vermeer family. In this unknown upper-class world, Griet takes a hold onto something that she thought could provide a future for her, Johannes Vermeer, her master.

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Johannes Vermeer: Girl with a Pearl Earring Free Essay Example

The woman, who started out strong, is left on display for the world to see what they turned her into. A face where the lips and eyes are cartoonish and the nose was vanishingly small, this is what the world tells women Talbot. The cartoonish look is a step into the trends of the past, for the bright colors that were popular for women during the s. Throughout the book, Pearl is shown as a symbol of Hester's sin. This is showing that Hester loves Pearl, but feels bad that she has to live her life being the product of sin.

Johannes Vermeer: Girl with a Pearl Earring

There is the system of doing oil works of art. There are numerous well known compositions still today that are produced using oil paint. For instance, the Mona Lisa is an extremely surely understood painting. Another sketch is called Girl with a Pearl Earring, which was made one-hundred years after the Mona Lisa.
Click to see full answer. Herein, how much is the girl with the pearl earring worth? One may also ask, why is The Girl with a Pearl Earring famous? Girl with a Pearl Earring , oil painting on canvas c. It depicts an imaginary young woman in exotic dress and a very large pearl earring.

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