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The French Revolution turned into the Reign of Terror. Under the leadership of Maximillian Robespierre, a new way of life for citizens living in France was being created. However, the only way to control the citizens to adapt to the new way to act and behave in society was through violence. Any individual who started to speak or act bad against the current government, was considered a rebel and would need to be punished. The guillotine was put and used to kill innocent people and set an example that others would face the same punishment.

The Third Estate: A Major Cause Of The French Revolution

The Third Estate: A Major Cause Of The French Revolution | Cram

The French Revolution was a plight by the French people to overthrow its government, and establish rights for the large portion of the population that lacked representation in government. The revolution was caused by many different long term and short term social and economic factors for example: the stubbornness of the aristocracy, middling of peasants, and economic crisis. The american revolution and the french revolution were very similarly fueled. Both began from a large portion of the population.

Compare And Contrast The French Revolution And Chinese Revolution

The French Revolution was a huge event in European history, one that shaped the way the French government worked forever. However, there was not just one cause that led to this war. There were many causes in the s that led to the French Revolution, the most important being political unrest, failure to reform, and economic crisis. The first major cause of the French Revolution was political unrest throughout the country. The people of the Third Estate wanted the government to be reformed, with equal taxes for all estates and inclusion of the Estates General in the decision making process.
The people of France loathed monarchy and wanted a change. Revolutions are a common occurrence throughout world history. With the amount of revolutions in history, there are those that get lost and those that are the most remembered or well known.

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