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Essay On Natural Science

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Natural theology , once also termed physico-theology , [1] is a type of theology that provides arguments for the existence of God based on reason and ordinary experience of nature. It is thus a type of philosophy, with the aim of explaining the nature of the gods , or of one supreme God. For monotheistic religions , this principally involves arguments about the attributes or non-attributes of God, and especially the existence of God , using arguments that do not involve recourse to supernatural revelation. The ideals of natural theology can be traced back to the Old Testament and Greek philosophy. Marcus Terentius Varro —27 BCE established a distinction between political theology the social functions of religion , natural theology and mythical theology.
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Similarities Between Natural Sciences And History

Pollution , also called environmental pollution , the addition of any substance solid , liquid , or gas or any form of energy such as heat , sound, or radioactivity to the environment at a rate faster than it can be dispersed, diluted, decomposed, recycled, or stored in some harmless form. The major kinds of pollution, usually classified by environment, are air pollution , water pollution , and land pollution. Modern society is also concerned about specific types of pollutants, such as noise pollution , light pollution , and plastic pollution. Pollution of all kinds can have negative effects on the environment and wildlife and often impacts human health and well-being.
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The great thinkers of the Age of Reason and the Enlightenment were scientists. Not only did many of them contribute to mathematics, physics, and physiology, but all of them were avid theorists in the sciences of human nature. They were cognitive neuroscientists, who tried to explain thought and emotion in terms of physical mechanisms of the nervous system. These thinkers—Descartes, Spinoza, Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Rousseau, Leibniz, Kant, Smith—are all the more remarkable for having crafted their ideas in the absence of formal theory and empirical data.

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