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April Special The thesis statement is an essential part of an essay introduction, and it is very important that you know where to put it and how to write it. Getting it wrong could very likely reduce your IELTS score as it could affect the coherency of your essay and if it's an opinion essay, it may mean that your opinion is not clear. In order to make it effective, you must have first identified the task of the essay. As global trade increases, many goods including those we use on a daily basis are produced in other countries and transported long distances. What you have to do the task is explain whether you think, overall, an increase in the production of goods in other countries and their subsequent transportation over long distances is more advantageous or disadvantageous.

How to Write a Strong Thesis Statement

How To Write A Strong Thesis Statement | lykt.info

A thesis statement is used to summarize the main points of a paper or an essay. Usually, one or two sentences are included in the thesis statement that appears at the end of the introduction. Most research papers and academic essays require a thesis statement, which is considered as an answer to the research question. A thesis statement is among the most crucial aspects of a research paper. A thesis statement must be taken into account throughout the process of writing a research paper or an essay.

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a one or two sentence summation of the information, analysis or argument that is contained in an academic or informational article or paper. The thesis statement typically is the last part of an introductory paragraph and provides a summary of the entire paper in one or two sentences. There are a few ways to start a solid thesis statement when writing a paper, essay or article.
It will also explain why you should vary your thesis statement according to the question type you are given in the IELTS writing test. A thesis statement is your main idea. It tells the examiner that you have understood the question and it will lead to a clearer, more coherent essay.

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